Our mission

We are a young but dynamic and developing company

engaged in locksmithery and metalworking. We offer a wide range of our services that we will constantly update to meet the most demanding requirements and wishes of our clients. Our priority is to ensure the high quality of our services, which we have confirmed by adopting the ČSN EN ISO 9001: 2009 – quality management system policy. Our goal is not simply to deliver products, but to satisfy all groups of people without whose support the organization would cease to exist.

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Our vision

The best company in the Ústí region in locksmithery and metalworking

In the next five years we want to become one of the best supplier companies in the Ústí nad Labem Region in locksmithery and metalworking. We will provide our employees with a stable and promising job. We will strive for maximum satisfaction, motivation, diligence, expertise and self-fulfillment of all our employees. This will ensure continuous improvement in the quality of our services and the subsequent satisfaction of our customers. We will work with industry experts to continually improve our products and manufacturing technologies to meet the expectations of customers, partners and employees. We will strengthen the company’s reputation and image in the eyes of the public, customers, partners and suppliers. We will act with full responsibility to ensure the sustainability of our business.

Basic rules

Customer Orientation

  • based on the satisfaction of our customers, we base the prosperity of our company, so every one of our employees performs their work with regard to the fact that a satisfied customer is the one who is coming back
  • Communicate with your customers through appropriate communication, in order to continuously identify their needs and wishes
  • When receiving any complaint or complaint, everyone must act as carefully as possible, knowing that a wrongly chosen approach may lead to a loss of customer confidence in us.

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Focus on our employees‘ satisfaction

  • Company management creates working conditions so that each employee can find satisfaction in their work for the company,
  • Every employee must realize that, despite all the leadership efforts, he can only be satisfied with his work if he contributes to the company’s achievements through high-quality performance, sustained discipline and activity.

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Focus on adhering to a set quality management system

  • Introduce any ideas, advice, and information through preventive measures to the Quality Management System to continually improve and improve our activities
  • Work as economically as possible, in the highest quality and most efficiently, to reduce costs
  • Follow the basic rules outlined above, including the guidelines.


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